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PWRFLEX™ Waist TrimmerPWRFLEX™ Waist Trimmer
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PWRFLEX™ Anti-Slip Hip BandsPWRFLEX™ Anti-Slip Hip Bands
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PWRFLEX™ Hourglass Waist TrainerPWRFLEX™ Hourglass Waist Trainer
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PWRFLEX™ Hourglass CorsetPWRFLEX™ Hourglass Corset
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PWRFLEX™ Waist Trimmer BeltPWRFLEX™ Waist Trimmer Belt
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SlimGelato™ Ice-Cream MakerSlimGelato™ Ice-Cream Maker
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PWRFLEX™ Elite Massage GunPWRFLEX™ Elite Massage Gun
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PWRFLEX™ Hourglass Waist TrimmerPWRFLEX™ Hourglass Waist Trimmer

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About us

Hi. I’m Maya Nik; Commercial Pilot turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur. I’m also a Fitness Champion. I won the Provincial bikini Fitness Competition Gold Medal; holding the Title in Canada.

I’m a purpose driven personal brand. My inspiration comes from my tremendous loss. I lost my 23 year old cousin to cancer and my loss changed my path. My purpose is to inspire others eat better and help them live healthy, long and fulfilling lives. 

PWRFLEX Sporting Goods Company is the collection of all the products I wish I had when I started my fitness journey. I spent thousands of dollars of my hard-earned money to find the right products to transform my physique, only to get disappointed every time! I created PWRFLEX so you don’t go through what I went through and give you access to the highest quality, tried and tested products I use everyday to prepare for my competitions.

Everything we do is rooted in the belief that together with our guests, partners, and our communities, we can create positive change to build a healthier, happier and stronger world. 

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