With over 10 years of fitness experience, PWRBODY Fitness is an expert in capitalizing on maximizing fitness results in a small period of time. Placing emphasis on both health and fitness, Maya has strategically combined her passion for health and fitness and love for helping others together and is excited to share with you her sporting goods and online training. She leads by example, and has dedicated these past two years in choosing to make a life change in her fitness routine and diet to reach her goals and remain consistent.

These products have been tailored by Maya for those who truly desire results. PWRBODY products are the products Maya wished she had when she started her own fitness journey and her programs are equipped with a customizable step by step guide that educate, inspire and provide accountability. 

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, tone, or to incorporate a healthier fitness lifestyle, Maya has mastered all of the above and is capable of helping you reach your goals!