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Do you want to lose a substantial amount of weight reasonably quickly? Have you become frustrated and disillusioned with a succession of highly-restrictive diets that leave you feeling hungry and miserable, only to have the weight return as soon as you resume a sustainable eating pattern? Have you received medical advice that you should lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood sugar levels? All of these goals, and more, can be achieved by rethinking your approach to food and nutrition.

With this book, I want to give you the holy grail of healthy and sustainable weight loss without hunger through the ketogenic lifestyle. Keto isn’t a short-term solution and it isn’t a yo-yo diet. I’m advocating a fundamental change in your relationship with food, to one that is healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Importantly, it’s also sustainable, without the hunger pangs of fad diets. Keto is central to the way I live now, and I wouldn’t go back for anything. The weight-loss impact of the keto diet is the main factor in most people’s decision to move to a keto lifestyle, particularly in a world full of junk food and with the media peddling unrealistic body and beauty expectations. That isn’t what has kept me following a keto lifestyle for years now. The thing that has kept me going is the sustained high levels of both physical and mental energy that comes from a diet based around healthy, filling fats. My mental focus and acuity are sharper and I don’t suffer from that “hangry” feeling you get when you hit a blood sugar low. Consistent, high energy levels without blood sugar highs and lows have kept me firmly on the keto wagon.

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